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General Awareness Quiz 24 for SBI & IBPS exams

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General Awareness Quiz 24 for SBI & IBPS exams

1 . Narasimham Committee's main recommendations include
A.   adoption of uniform accounting practices particularly in respect of income recognition and provisioning against doubtful debts
B.   minimum 496 capital adequacy ratio to risk weighted assets by March 1993
C.   imparting transparency to bank balance sheets and full disclosures in them
D.   All of the above
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2 . The Banks are required to constitute high power liability management committees comprising top executives to determine suitable policies for
A.   each liability product such as demand deposits,savings, term deposits and CODs
B.   Liabilities denominated in foreign exchange
C.   Monitoring ration yield elastic and inelastic liabilities in the total liabilities as also supply statement of use of call money borrowings.
D.   All of the above
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3 . The world over most of the supervisory authorities have adopted the following as the basis of assessment of capital adequacy
A.   Risk Assets Ratio System
B.   Return or capital system
C.   Average yield on Assets System
D.   Net profit
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4 . The Basic Committee has defined capital in two Tiers (Tier-I and Tier-II). Tier-I capital is known as
A.   Net Capital
B.   Gross Capital
C.   Working Capital
D.   Core Capital
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5 . Tier-I capital would mean
A.   Paid up capital
B.   Statutory reserves and other disclosed free reserves.
C.   Capital reserves representing surplus arising out of sale proceeds of assets
D.   All of the above
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6 . Tier-II capital consists of
A.   undisclosed reserves and cumulative perpetual preference shares
B.   general provisions, loss reserves and revaluation reserves
C.   subordinated debt, hybrid debt capital instruments
D.   All of the above
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7 . What do you mean by the money market ?
A.   A place where money is sold and bought
B.   It is nothing but a place where two currencies are exchanged
C.   Money market is a market for short terms financial assets (generally upto the tenure of 12 months) that are close substitutes of money
D.   None of these
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8 . Who are the major players in the call money markets ?
A.   Banks
B.   Insurance companies
C.   Development Financial Institutions
D.   All of the above
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9 . Treasury Bill means
A.   a bill drawn on a treasury
B.   an instrument is used by the central government for short term borrowing
C.   a bill drawn by any authority by sitting in treasury office
D.   All of the above
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10 . Who issues treasury bills ?
A.   Reserve bank of India, as the agent of the central government
B.   Any government department of state and central
C.   Any commercial bank
D.   None of these
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