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General Awareness Quiz 4 for SBI & IBPS exams

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General Awareness Quiz 4 for SBI & IBPS exams

1 . Apart from banks few financial institutions and online portals give services of money transfer to India. Which of the following is one of them ?
A.   Ikobo Money Transfer
B.   Union Money Transfer
C.   Money Gram International
D.   All of the above
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2 . A scheduled bank must have a paid up capital and reserves of an aggregate value of not less than Rs.
A.   5 lakh
B.   10 lakhs
C.   1 crore
D.   5 crore
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3 . For licensing a foreign bank, the RBI must be satisfied about the fact that
A.   The carrying on of banking business by such banking India will be in the public interest.
B.   That the Government or law of the country of its origin does not discriminate against banking companies registered in India
C.   That the company complies with all the provisions of the Act applicable to such companies
D.   All of the above
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4 . Reserve Bank's prior approval is necessary for appointment or reappointment or termination of appointment of a
A.   Chairman
B.   Managing Director
C.   Manager
D.   All of the above
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5 . Banking Regulation Act, 1949 requires every banking company to maintain in India in cash, gold or unencumbered approved securities, an amount which shall not, at the close of business on any day, be less than 25 percent of its net demand and time liabilities in India. This is called
A.   Statutory Liquid Ratio
B.   Statutory Reserve Ratio
C.   Statutory Balance
D.   None of these
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6 . Which of the following is not correctly matched?
A.   Bengal Central Bank Ltd - 1918
B.   Comilla Union Bank Ltd - 1922
C.   Hooghly Bank Ltd — 1932
D.   Comilla Banking Corporation Ltd — 1926
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7 . The first Private Bank in India to receive an in principle approval from the Reserve Bank of India was
A.   Indus Ind Bank
B.   Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited
C.   United Western Bank
D.   Bank of Rajasthan
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8 . HDFC Bank Limited commenced operations as scheduled commercial bank in
A.   January 1995
B.   March 1996
C.   July 1997
D.   July 1998
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9 . ING Vysya was incorporated in
A.   1980
B.   1960
C.   1930
D.   1950
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10 . According to Euro Money magazine, which of the following is the world best private bank ?
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